neurocode I/O

helping customers deliver AI solutions

Our culture is at the heart of everything we do


- Failure is part of the universe and we dont try to fight it

- Somebody brought down production on Friday evening? No problem, we'll fix it and afterwards write a couple of tests together


- We acknowledge that perfection does not exist, there will always be something to tweak

- We believe the fastest path to success is through bold experiments combined with frequent inspection, feedback, and adaptation

Persistence & Humility

- Success is sometimes one model iteration away :)

- Other times it's only one question away


- We have the courage to question our own assumptions and the ones of others

- Progress can only come with change and the courage to want change


Bobby B. Donchev

Bobby B. Donchev

AI architect who loves to code. If you can't find him in front of the computer you can surely find him outside in a corner reading open source code on Github for amusement

Sylvia Antonsdóttir

Sylvia Antonsdóttir

UX designer and fitness enthusiast. Focuses on bridging the gap between the users and our AI applications

Dr. Elena Cramer

Dr. Elena Cramer

Math nerd and crossfit Mom. Knows her way around the Linux terminal well enough to be dangerous and can spin up a GPU powered kubernetes cluster with one command

Thomas Seifert

Thomas Seifert

Fullstack ninja and book nerd. Eats Python oats for breakfast with Julia milk. Uses his metaprogramming magic to deliver accelerated AI