AI solution development

We offer you a consulting service where we work closely with you on your AI solution.

We have refined our process of delivering AI solutions and know the traps and the hurdles stopping you from realizing success. We focus on the use case first and foremost & choose the technology that suits you.

Given the experience we have in the fields of applied AI, software engineering & cloud solutions.

You can rest assured that you have a partner on your site that can deliver a successful AI solution.

We will guide you through the technological landscape and together we will find exactly the right technology for your needs and implement it.


As AI experts we cover the entire journey,
from the initial idea to the operation of the finished solution


The first step is to meet and discuss the use case.

We will use the time to get to know your business and your engineering team.

Together we will define the relevant data - or missing data sources.

Afterwards, we will create an impact map diagram to communicate our common understanding.


The second step is to implement and deploy the simplest model possible.

We can't stress this enough.

It is really important to us to go through the whole process as soon as possible.

This way we will find shortcomings and integration pain points early and can adjust as needed.

A simple running model in production that receives shadowed traffic is the first milestone we want to achieve.


At this stage, we will start optimizing not only the model but the whole process that led to the model in production.

Pipelines will be adjusted and made faster. Model experiments will be managed and the results fed back to help us deliver the desired outcomes.

Iteratively we will make the whole solution better.

Hand over

The amount of unnecessary handover is part of the success.

At this stage your engineering team is able to start iterating themselves. All documents and architecturel decisions have been written and delivered.

This stage should be viewed as a formality of going over the gaps and filings needed to round up the solution.

Team work

We believe that to innovate and react to changing business environments you need quick feedback loops and local autonomy of enthusiastic people.

That is what makes accelerated AI with neurocode so successful.

An experienced team of 2-4 engineers can bring an AI solution much faster live than a larger group of individuals with siloed knowledge.

Knowledge in software engineering as well as applied AI is essential.


The cherry on top is cloud experience, were members of the team are capable cloud solution architects who have experience designing secure, self-healing, highly available cloud solutions.

Finding people with this profile is hard. This is the reason why neurocode is a small team. However, we believe this to be our strength. We are focused and goal-oriented with the know-how needed to implement end-to-end AI solutions.

We can work as part of a product team or as a separate product team within the business.

With us, your AI solution will be delivered in record time.