Immediate business value

with neurocode AI as a Service


Let the experts do the heavy lifting for you

We have the infrastructure and the engineering knowledge to build AI models you can consume as APIs

Use case definition

Together we define the AI use case

Sample use cases include:

  • Consumer behavioral analysis
  • Invoice text extraction and entry
  • Customer service automation using Chatbots
  • Custumer brand sentiment analysis


We implement the AI solution and provide you with an API.

We'll do the grunt work for you such as:

  • Data gathering
  • Provisioning large GPU powered training clusters
  • Hyperparameter tunning and model experimatation


Benefits of using neurocode AI as a Service include:

  • We operationalize AI for you
  • No upfront investments in data lakes, GPU clusters and other infrastructure costs
  • No data crawlers, ETL pipelines and all the other boring stuff

We build production grade AI solutions

On request we provide SLAs and API status pages


SEPA Zahlschein recognizer

API JSON response

{ "result": { "Zahlungsempfaenger": "INDUSTRIE- UND HANDELSKAMMER 64295 DARMSTADT", "IBAN": "DE31700100800063664808", "Betrag": "100,00" } }

Custom examples were extracted using a custom model trained in Azure cloud


Icelandic and German autocomplete

API JSON response

{ "result": [ "Das Essen im Restaurant war sehr teuer. (score: 0.2718556225299835)", "Das Essen im Restaurant war sehr beliebt. (score: 0.07044585794210434)", "Das Essen im Restaurant war sehr schlecht. (score: 0.03691192343831062)", "Das Essen im Restaurant war sehr schwierig. (score: 0.03392275050282478)", "Das Essen im Restaurant war sehr wichtig. (score: 0.029856974259018898)" ] }