Software solutions powered
by Artificial Intelligence
in record time

Bringing an AI solution to production is hard

Pipeline building

Tuning & Experimentation

Deployment & Operation

A review of more than 160 use cases shows that AI was deployed commercially in only 12 percent of cases


We deliver End-to-End AI software & integrated AI solutions

With the recent advancements in cloud computing an experienced team of software engineers with knowledge in the field of applied AI can deliver an AI solution not in months or years but in weeks

AI Expertise

Software Expertise

Cloud Expertise

Modern AI solution development is about the right combination of the latest technologies and practices.

Increasingly, this means the adoption of cloud managed services.

We believe that the business case for cloud managed services is clear.

It enables organizations to focus on business value while reducing operational costs, management overhead and shortening development lifecycles.

We at neurocode leverage cloud services to build AI solutions.

We are experts at architecting, developing and supporting AI solutions on Azure cloud.

Realizing the benefits of the cloud comes with its own challenges. A lot of learning and broad know-how is needed to get a production grade AI solution deployed and running in Azure cloud.

We have build dozens of AI solutions and have pre-build cloud infrastructure automation and pipelines for a large set of data problems.

Let us know if you want to jump straight into the use case of your AI solution and skip the boring stuff.